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Splash Park:
A family story!

The Splash Park was born in the summer of 2012 on the initiative of two young entrepreneurs passionate about the field of leisure:
Yann Bonnamy and his sister Élise Bonnamy.
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> Summer 2012: creation of the Splash Park
1st "SPLASH PARK" water park in  Hourtin Port on the children's island
elise et yann 2012
elise et yann de dos 2012
> Summer 2012 and 1st flyer
flyer splash park 2012
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> Opening of a 2nd park in Libourne
on Lac des Dagueys (sold in 2015)
parc libourne 2014


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> Opening of the Splash Park in Lacanau
on the Moutchic lake
parc lacanau 2015
> New flyers and new
Hourtin and Lacanau logos
logo splash park lacanau hourtin 2015
splash park flyer lacanau
splash park flyer hourtin
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> 2019: Yann becomes a member of the active recreation union (SLA) of France
> 2021: he is elected vice-president to represent water parks.
syndicat des loisirs


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> 110th season of Splash Park
& ​​Redesign of the logo and flyers
photo drone splash park lacanau 2021
photo drone splash park hourtin 2021
> New 2021 logo and creation of the smiley’s splash park
splash park logo
splash park logo bleusplash park logo rose
> New flyers 2021
flyer splash park lacanau 2021
flyer hourtin 2021
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Our values ​​:

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Entertainment and fulfillment for satisfied and happy customers while respecting safety and environmental standards.

The Splash Park is an innovative concept of the latest generation from the WIBIT SPORTS brand : it is an inflatable water park made up of modules connected to each other.


The modularity of WIBIT products allows the assembly of water games, the creation of recreational, educational, sporting and varied activities (slides, climbing wall, trampoline, obstacle course, catapult, ...) for entertainment and development of a large audience.

Our desire is that our customers are satisfied and happy by sharing sensations and emotions, by taking up challenges, by surpassing themselves together.


A mixture of laughter and memories in complete safety and in respect of the environment.


We pay particular attention to maintaining a high level of security, which involves, on the one hand, investing in quality equipment that complies with the standards in force; and on the other hand, by the implementation of safety rules aimed at preventing accidents, in particular by the presence and supervision of qualified and experienced professionals (lifeguards).


In addition, WIBIT products fully meet our desire to respect the environment and human health: no chemicals and pollutants and the use of very high quality PVC.